Eleven tips you need to follow during midterms and finals week

Quiet section means quiet section.  Your little gossiping and giggling can be taken elsewhere.

ShhhNo amount of coffee is too much coffee. This also applies to soda and all other types of sugar high needed to get you through the night.  You’re probably going to want to buy cheap coffee though, given the four coffees you already had today.

Avoid loud shoes during this week.  You never know when you’ll end up in the library, and trust me it gets really awkward when everyone looks in the direction of the “click clack” sound.

Download “Self Control”. This application allows you to block all kinds of distracting social sites–Facebook I’m talking to you.

If you want to eat while studying in the library, salads are probably the worst thing you can get.  The awkwardness of everyone around listening to you crunch that lettuce is at an all-time high.

Keep cramming. Whoever said cramming is a bad idea was definitely right, but you probably still haven’t learned that lesson and left all the studying for the week before your tests–story of my life, what?  Anyways, keep doing your thing, whether it’s until the wee hours of the morning or throughout the entire day. Do it.

Hygiene? Who needs that? A friend once told me that people who look good during finals are probably going to fail their tests. This is the only week you’ll be able to look like a complete monstrosity and not feel weird about it.

Get a study buddy.  This can either be a huge success or an even bigger failure.  Best case scenario, you’ll motivate each other to do better and keep studying.  Worst case, you’ll be each other’s ultimate distractions. But at least you’ll have someone to watch over your stuff when your bladder calls.

Mentally prepare yourself for a week of sleeping from one to five hours.  You’re lucky if you hit six.

Don’t take naps.  Just don’t do it!  Your half-asleep-self will convince you it’ll be a good idea to sleep for 20 more minutes, and 10 more minutes, and 5… Soon enough the 10 minutes to “rest your eyes” will turn into a two hour slumber.

Keep calm and study on.  In the end, these are just tests and you probably won’t remember whether you did well or not in ten years.

Good luck!

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