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Tamara Rasamny is a podcast producer, researcher, and writer based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Photo credit: Tamara Rasamny

The Druze – Heart and soul – BBC World service

The Druze are a religious minority, living Levant region and was founded in the 11th Century by Hamza ibn Ali ibn Ahmad, an Ismaili leader, mixing aspects of Shia Islam and Esoterism, among other philosophies. Conversions are forbidden either out of or into the faith.

Tamara Rasamny meets young Druze men and women to discuss how young people in the Druze community relate to their faith––a religion that often remains a mystery unless you seek it out.

This episode was hosted by Tamara Rasamny and produced by Tamara Rasamny, Sanaa Al-Khoury, and Julia Paul.

Rocket man – Kerning cultures – kerning cultures podcast network

In the 1960s, a college professor and his group of students were determined to build and launch rockets into space. And so, they did. This week, on Kerning Cultures, a story about the first-ever rocket launched from the Arab world into space.

This episode was produced by Tamara Rasamny with editorial support from Dana Ballout, Zeina Dowidar, Alex Atack, Nadeen Shaker, and Hebah Fisher.

Sound design by Mohamed Khreizat, and fact-checking by Zeina Dowidar. Bella Ibrahim is our marketing manager. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production.

Photo taken by Tamara Rasamny at a protest on September 8, 2020.


One year after the Beirut explosion, director Nadine Labaki and journalist Kareem Chehayeb joined Save the Children and our partner, Impact Lebanon, for a podcast.
Together we discuss the the issues facing children and families in Lebanon today – and what can be done to help them create a brighter future. Listen to the podcast here.

With special thanks to:
Jad Kassatly, Boombox Studios,
Sound Editor: Tamara Rasamny Videographer: Chadi Andraous.

Al Empire (Season 2) – Kerning cultures podcast network

Co-hosted by Hebah Fisher & Dana Ballout, who aren’t afraid to ask intimate, and sometimes uncomfortable, questions to create unfiltered conversations and deeper understandings of their guests’ journey to the top. They cover everything from the freedom of childhood to the constant pressure of being a public figure in the age of the internet, to the act of finding your voice in a world that doesn’t seem to welcome it.

Season 2 of AL Empire was produced by Tamara Rasamny and Alex Atack. You can find a list of AL Empire’s episodes here.

Photo credit: Tamara Rasamny

All of them means all of them – kerning cultures

On October 17, 2019, people in Lebanon hit the streets to call for a new government. The revolution’s slogan, “all of them means all of them”, spares no political party that has been a part of the sectarian-based government. This week on Kerning Cultures: how the revolution is changing people’s relationship with their country.

This episode was produced by Tamara Rasamny and Alex Atack, with editorial support by Dana Ballout, Hannah Myrick and Hebah Fisher. Sound design by Mohamad Khreizat, and fact-checking by Zeina Dowidar. Kerning Cultures is a Kerning Cultures Network production.

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